Our primary mission is to provide museum-quality fine art installation services. We have honed our craft over many years working in museums, galleries, and foundations, as well as for interior designers and private and corporate collectors. We are artists and artisans of many disciplines and crafts, and we carry our attention to detail and care for the objects we handle through into everything we do.

We believe that a proper presentation and skillful installation elevates the art and the space within which it rests. In addition to arranging, and securely installing your fine art and other precious items, we offer a variety of related fine art- and design-related services, to help make your relationship with fine art a more rewarding and seamless experience. If you have any questions, or concerns, or require other services related to the visual arts, please do not hesitate to inquire.


Art Installation

We specialize in the craft of museum-quality art installation, with first class design and presentation. Although we have spent plenty of time working in several of this great city’s finest institutions of art and artifacts, we have focused the last several years on serving many extraordinary interior designers and gallerists, as well as corporate and private collectors’ installation needs. There is no project too large or too small, and we have yet to meet an installation that we couldn’t execute safely and elegantly. Whether it is a single painting over a fireplace, or a collection of framed pieces in a switchback stairway, our design experience and aesthetic eye will assure that your art and space look spectacular and are safely secured for years to come.

Art Transportation

Transporting fine art and objects requires a careful and sympathetic understanding of the nature of the object being handled. While the art handler’s mantra says to treat all objects as if they were priceless, irreplaceable masterpieces, we have found that few fully understand this concept. Although we don’t feature ourselves as transporters, we have been commissioned in the past by our clients to pick up pieces and bring them to their location for installation, or even to pack up entire collections and personally transport them across the country for art fairs or collection relocation. We take handling fine art and objects very seriously, and if you require such services, please call to discuss how we can help meet these special needs.

Creative Services

Our team of art installers and fabricators is comprised of a variable troop of fine artists and artisans, each with their own special expertise. We were educated in local art institutions and have professional associates in all types of related fields. This makes us very well positioned to provide creative services such as mural painting and stenciling, creative space planning, art consultation, conservation and repair, and many other related creative “gigs.” So feel free to discuss other creative projects with us, and if we can’t personally take care of your needs, we will refer you to the right professional for the job.

Furniture / Fabrication

We are also outfitted with fully equipped wood and metal shops for the production of absolutely any kind of custom display furniture or mounting device. We can work in any material and finish, and are extremely skilled and creative in this department. Some of our specialties include barely visible, but completely secure, hardware for delicate works; heavy-duty brackets for large works; and specialty mounts for surfboards, skateboards, and even skulls. Our many years of experience in exhibition preparation of all kinds have honed our abilities to come up with the most suitable, secure and aesthetically pleasing solutions for any scenario.

$75/hr for lead installer
$65/hr for each additional installer

2424 W. Washington blvd
Los Angeles CA 90018

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