QWERTY, Flirty, & Crying – Arvida Byström, Ambar Navarro, Brittney Scott, kyttenjanae – September 15 – October 29, 2016

Big Pictures Los Angeles is pleased to announce QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying, a group exhibition featuring works by Arvida ByströmAmbar NavarroBrittney Scott, and kyttenjanae.  An opening reception will be held on September, 15th, from 6pm-9pm.

“QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying; try repeating that in your head and see if all your problems disappear.”  Four friends come together to present their unique interpretation of being on the internet.  From empowerment, to vulnerability, to exploitation, QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying, explores the various depths of online experiences via photography, animation, neon sculpture, and tapestry. The objects, textures, and images in the show allow us to enter into the individual worlds of the artists, while simultaneously connecting us to the group through the context of their online community.

Arvida Byström (b. 1991) is a model and photographer working in Los Angeles, London and Stockholm. Her work focuses on ideas of identity, sexuality, beauty, and femininity in contemporary society. Her still lifes and portraiture often weave silky textures with purple and pink palettes to set a seductive and sensual tone. Her work is also a celebration of form, which comes across as both natural and naughty, while simultaneously challenging archetypal ideas of sexuality and feminine mystique.

Ambar Navarro (b. 1991) is a director, animator, and curator living and working in Los Angeles. Her work often deals with femininity, intimacy, and technology. She is also interested in privacy and encryption and how it relates to highly personal thoughts and feelings being expressed online. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Experimental Animation from The California Institute of the Arts in 2015. She has been included in exhibitions in Taipei, Taiwan, New York City, and LA; as well as the Tate’s New Museum. Navarro has been featured on DAZED and has written reviews for NewHive and Rookie Magazine.

Brittney Scott (b. 1991) is a Los Angeles based artist, known for her Microsoft Paint-esque portraits and minimalist style.  Scott explores the potential for building community through her journal-like posts and memes she creates.  More recently she has created work dealing with the never ending supply of images of women found on the internet and the meaning and consequences of that phenomena.

kyttenjanae (b. 1992)   is an artist and director based in Los Angeles, California. She creates experiences, short films, memes, live concert visuals, VR, and more with themes revolving around death, mental health, femininity, and belonging. She received her BA in Media Arts from UCLA in 2014. She has done work with Adult Swim, Tumblr, Nike, and Apple. Her work has been shown online, on television, at the Hammer Museum, The Slamdanace DIG festival, and on tour at various music festivals with artists including A$AP Rocky, DJ Mustard, Mija, and more.

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Qwerty, Flirty, & Crying – Opening Night from Mer Docs on Vimeo.







QWERTY, Flirty, & Crying - Arvida Byström, Ambar Navarro, Brittney Scott, kyttenjanae - September 15 - October 29, 2016Doug Crocco