Carla Gallery Viewing Room – May 12, 2020

We are happy to announce our support of Carla Magazine’s 5th year anniversary issue, which is being distributed online due to the current gallery closures. We are one of 16 galleries showing new works in their first ever Online Viewing Room, located in the rear of the new digital issue. To read the full Issue click here. To schedule an in person viewing of the works available in Los Angeles email us at

From Lindsay Zappas the editor in chief of Carla Magazine:

In lieu of traditional advertisements, the rear of issue 20 is dedicated to a gallery viewing room. Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold, we recognized the need for visibility for the exhibitions and artists affected by the pandemic in our community. These pages are a small step toward the type of engagement with art that we are all used to, but by no means a permanent salve to the widespread effects that the pandemic has had on our local art community. There is much work to be done to create new struc-tures that help to support and sustain our community, and we stand by ready to adapt, collaborate, and create new opportunities in response to the rapidly changing landscape. Thank you to all of the galleries who made the production of this issue possible by participating in this viewing room.

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Carla Gallery Viewing Room - May 12, 2020Doug Crocco