Polaroid Black – April 1 – June 3, 2017

Big Pictures Los Angeles is pleased to announce Polaroid Black, a group show featuring 23 paintings and 11 works on paper hung salon style, on a black wall. Featuring – Scott Armetta, Doug Crocco, Tom Delaney, Amy Garofano, Mark Thomas Gibson, Dan Gratz, Kara Joslyn, Brendan Lynch, Dustin Metz, Nikko Mueller, Daniel Newman, Laurie Nye, Manny Prieres, Aaron Sandnes, Erik Torregroza. An opening reception will be held on April 1st, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

As every day is met with night, our lives are lived in both moments of light and dark. However moments that occur in the dark are more often kept private. Perhaps because our relationship with the dark is as complicated as the various experiences that happen in it. It is in darkness where we are most intimate, it is also where we are most vulnerable, and is often where we are most alone. The works in this exhibition explore these moments in darkness and the various feelings that stem from them.

The salon style installation aims to create a fog like atmosphere, where the details of the works are obscured by the overwhelming presence of black, collectively evoking an energy that envelops the viewer. The individual works in the exhibition depict images that can’t quite be perceived or are just emerging from darkness. Paintings of nightscapes, portraits of figures shrouded in shadow, and sheet ghosts populate the show. As one must wait for a Polaroid photo to develop, watching faint images emerge from darkness, similarly this show investigates the edges of perception, and the state of transition in which something hidden becomes revealed.

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Polaroid Black - April 1 - June 3, 2017Doug Crocco