Hugo Montoya – Artificial Imtelligence – September 1 – October 13, 2018

Big Pictures Los Angeles is pleased to present new sculptures by Mexico City based artist Hugo Montoya. An opening reception will be held Saturday, September 1st, 6:00pm-9:30pm.

The collective imagining of our future selves has lead us to its creation, and it’s own recreation, of language and feeling….but What intangible qualities can’t we make?

Laughing at a bad joke, because its so bad it becomes funny again. The imperfect symmetry of the face, posture composed by emotion over muscle, gesture composed by attitude, the collision of infinite texture and color on the surface of one body; skin, hair, nails, lips, lashes…soft kisses…

Can these things be calculated? reproduced? Will they diminish like a shitty xerox of a xerox? Will we forget any of it ever mattered, ever communicated. Will hyper stylization replace an unconsciously rendered self?

In 19- – bauhaus choreographers – – praised puppets for their beauty  and grace, seeing their angular articulations more pleasant than living beings. Portraits of an era.

The eyes are the window to the soul.

A thing making itself… an ouroboros devouring itself, a shiva, a Phoenix, are people the pest of the planet?

The tendency for people to relate to objects as themselves.

Recent sculptures of Hugo Montoya use modes of relating (emotional, phenomenological, sensual) as strategies for creating objects. Objects that make for strange mirrors into the ways we relate to one another and to one another’s bodies.

Total reduction of everything. What remains? What is a body?

Arranged precisely in space/ with space, one cannot experience these works without dancing with them, without walking all the way around one and sensing the near emergence of another, a super slow choreography of things.

Each thing found in the world, in the streets and in the parks of different cities, Knick knacks for sale in open air markets and corporate mini Marts. Each of these things offer their own portrait, of what we have made: a foam bust for a bachelorette party, a rainbow pulsing WiFi controlled light bulb, a rear view mirror, things that mingle with what we have modified but did not invent, rock, tree, palm.

Who are you?

Text by Chelsea Culprit

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Hugo Montoya - Artificial Imtelligence - September 1 - October 13, 2018Doug Crocco