Elena Stonaker – Artist As Muse, November, 2015

Big Pictures Los Angeles is pleased to present Artist as Muse, an ongoing series of experimental life drawing workshop/performance pieces by Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary artist Elena Stonaker. Two Sessions will be offered; Saturday, November 14th (3-6pm) & Sunday, November 15th (5-8pm).

At her events, Stonaker creates installations in which she and/or another model pose for participants to draw. Her intention is to deepen the layers of connection with the observer as the invitation to help create a new narrative together. Stonaker’s work is inspired by mythology, mysticism, and ritual healing. The sessions are loosely themed on a teaching that she is currently exploring: as a performance piece, she seeks to learn to embody these messages.

•The theme for Saturday November 14th is Another Death/Another Birth… shedding old skins, walking through doors into the unknown.
•The theme for Sunday November 15th is Embrace Both: celebrating the light and the shadow self.

Each session is a unique chapter. Participants are encouraged to submit their work for an upcoming show and book documenting the experience. The workshop is self-guided and is three hours long. The first segment is short gestural poses for warm ups, and will be followed by three or four longer poses. All levels are welcome, and photography is allowed (done respectfully to those drawing). Participants should bring their favorite drawing supplies/paper and something to sit comfortably on the floor. Refreshments will be available (or byo).


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Elena Stonaker - Artist As Muse, November, 2015Doug Crocco