Mathew Zefeldt – Hunter/Killer – January 13 – March 4, 2018

Big Pictures Los Angeles is proud to present HUNTER/KILLER, a hand painted installation by Mathew Zefeldt. An opening reception will be held January 13th, 2018, 6:00pm – 9:30pm

It had been speculated that the world would end in 2012, or at the very least mankind would enter a new eon. While the date came and went without a bang, unbeknownst to most people it may have actually happened, as we replaced the human mind as the fastest thinking thing on earth with quantum computers. This form of computing has led to the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Today developers are creating robotics combined with A.I. in hopes of making machines that rival and exceed human potential. A.I. is also quickly becoming ubiquitous in culture and has even crossed into our homes with smart speakers, TV’s, and phones that have first names and know yours.

What A.I. fundamentally means for us is impossible to calculate, but we can’t deny its here and growing smarter every day. Having something on the planet that can think for itself, invent its own language, and gain access to our most secured networks is troubling enough in fantasy films, having it realized in our time may be an existential nightmare come to life. In Mathew Zefeldt’s installation we are confronted by the frightening side of AI, with the image of terminator hand painted on all surfaces of the gallery. The floor and walls have been painted with a repeating grey scale image of it. Zefeldt has then installed 4 painted canvases with pink and red terminators in various configurations on top of this motif. Being inside of the installation one can’t escape the feeling of being overwhelmed and in the midst of something both awe inspiring and frightening.

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Mathew Zefeldt - Hunter/Killer - January 13 - March 4, 2018Doug Crocco